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Connect your life to your home and your security

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Texecom Cloud - Now available over 4G

Single path 4G can be used without any additional network infrastructure


  • Perfect for new commercial installations where IT networks are not yet operational

  • Completely wire-free installations are perfect for remote sites or outbuildings, or where there are no local internet options available


Dual path 4G plus ethernet or WiFi provides best of both worlds


  • 4G backup provides continuity in the event of power failure, local network availability or ISP issues

Following a successful launch in the UK, SmartCom 4G is now available in Europe

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New Texecom Connect app version

Texecom Connect has been enhanced with the launch of the new Texecom Connect V2 app. This features the same intuitive user interface and controls of the previous Texecom Connect V1 app, but now allows your professional installer to manage the service through their Texecom Cloud installer account.

New Connect App
Upgrade from V1


Already a Texecom Connect user? Contact your installer to upgrade to V2 with enhanced installer support, or download the new app and follow the simple step-by-step guide to transfer to the new app directly.

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This new Texecom Connect V2 is designed for future upgrades and premium services, details of which will be announced soon.

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Take Control


The Texecom Connect app allows you to control your security directly from your compatible smartphone or tablet device. Control the operation of your security system, receive notifications of system events and monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world. 

Take Control


Texecom Connect puts you in control of who can use the Texecom Connect App and the level of access for each user. 



Texecom Connect is compatible with IP cameras that support JPEG video formats. View live footage from your Texecom Connect app, anywhere in the world, and locally record video to your smartphone.

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Your home. Your data. Your rules.


All your security settings and home automation controls are safely contained and stored within the security control panel itself - away from prying eyes. All notifications and communications are fully encrypted and secure.

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The Texecom Connect transforms the experience of interacting and automating your home or business. It provides an environment where you want to interact and enjoy the new possibilities open to you, delivering the piece of mind that comes with knowing you are in complete control.



Recipes are a very flexible tool and form an essential part of the Texecom Connect experience. They deliver a simple and effective way of implementing ‘cause and effect’ programming. 



This is the fundamental method of operating the home security and automation system through the Texecom Connect App, providing pre-set and custom system profiles with ‘at a glance’ system control.

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During commissioning of the Texecom Connect App, security alarm devices are mapped into rooms by the security installer, making these devices accessible to the end user for home automation.

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Be Inspired


Select from our range of case studies to discover how Texecom Connect enhances security and automation in wide variety of applications. 

Be Inspired

Megan and Mark


Megan and Mark are a young couple in their twenties living in a modern, two bed apartment.

They expect technology to integrate with their lifestyle. Open to new ideas and early adopters of the latest gadgets, Megan and Mark aspire products and services that are ahead of the curve, delightful, easy to use and disruptive in the market.


“To make our lives easier, we want to be able to create an ecosystem of all our devices to control and automate our home.”


  • Being in control while on the go is a must

  • Something future proof that can evolve over time

  • Smart services that can improve their day-to-day lives

  • Great user experience - simplicity is key


David and Alice

David and Alice need to keep their 4 bedroom detached family home safe and secure. 

As existing security system owners, upgrading to remote monitoring and improving the user experience are paramount. They want to run their home as efficiently as possible and, as their children grow up, they need to be able look after the family when they are not there.


“The perfect home security system should be able to adjust to us. It should be customisable as our needs change over time.”


  • Ability to monitor their system remotely

  • A fantastic user experience

  • Run the home more efficiently

  • A service that grows with the family’s changing needs



Ajay is a high net worth individual, living in a residential 6 bedroom executive home. 

He requires an elevated sense of security and wants to be in control. Unoccupied areas of his home need to be secure, and Ajay needs a system that maintains security automatically. As someone who travels extensively, Ajay needs to know that his family is safe and be notified of events, wherever he is in the world.


“Security is paramount. I want to feel safe in my own home and know that my family is protected when I am working away”


  • Wants to take control over his own security

  • Unoccupied areas of property always secure

  • Know family is safe and secure when travelling abroad

  • Focus on maintaining security while arriving and leaving the property



Daryl knows he needs security, he also knows that automating services and being efficient are important. However what Daryl really needs is to commit 100% of his focus on running his business and doing what he does best. Daryl needs a system that works automatically in the background, notifies by exception, and is there for when he chooses to use it.


“I need to focus on running my business. My security should be invisible, but always on hand when I need it”


  • Everything needs to happen automatically

  • Confidence in a quality product 

  • Save time and money by being more efficient

  • For Daryl to control the system as he chooses, not the other way around

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